Static Site Generators

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The Generators

Seems to be a continuum of complexity with Gatsby at one end, with the nicest themes but most complex file output; and Eleventy at the other, with few themes but simpler/cleaner output. Jekyll sits in the middle somewhat as a Goldilocks SSG.

Gatsby - React/Node -

++ Crazily fast. Handles data sources via React. Components. Lots of plugins. Andy theme.

  • Creates so many files. HTML/DOM output is unreadable. It doesn't want you to use the static files; they're just there. A three page static site is 305mb, and 55,604 files. How is that secure? Even excluding the Node modules, there's 49 files, 2.7mb for a 3 page site. ++ But andy's & Mathieu's themes are so nice.
  • But the speed looks like it's because each page is turned into json and then dynamically generated server side?

[[Jekyll]] -Ruby

NEXT NIGHT>> it never worked because I was running off the wrong Ruby, and had to install that. Removing the filename: So it works. And it works nice.

Hugo - Go - - this is easy to install, quick to generate, load, navigate, intuitive, not too many files - 149 items / 12mb, not including Go. 134 items are for the theme Ananke. Good seo defaults. Nice looking themes: backlinks -

11ty - JS/Node / / Nice but too simple out the box, demands time to learn how to make something nicer. Smaller template selection than the others. But it seems a good bridge because it can read all the other template engines; and isn't particular about folder names/structure, so a Jekyll/Gatsby site could be ported to 11ty later.


205mb + 12,387 files, including React/node. But very nice tutorials and somehow felt more mature than Gatsby. Fewer Digital Garden themes, however.


Hexo - Node - Scully - JS/Angular - Pelican - Python -

Comparing their speed

Build time TLDR: advanced SSGs like Gatsby & Next are slow; simpler like Jekyll, Eleventy and Hugo are quicker – Hugo the quickest; gatsby the slowest.

Static Site Generators