Rights ML

Rights ML is a Profile of [[ODRL]], developed by the IPTC, for any media type.

Example, taken from IPTC

"It is permitted to make up to five printed copies of the content asset, for which a fee x must be paid in advance. It is permitted to make a further five printed copies, provided an additional fee x is paid in advance. It is prohibited to make more than ten printed copies in total."

<o:policy xmlns:o="" type="" uid="">
  <!-- The permission: allow printing up to 5 times, as long as a printing fee is paid first -->
  <o:permission xmlns:a="" xmlns:ns="">
    <!-- The Content Asset that is the target of the permission -->
    <o:asset uid="ns:myContentAsset" relation=""/>
    <!-- The action being permitted is printing -->
    <o:action name="o:print"/>
    <!-- The action may be performed less than or equal to 5 times -->
    <o:constraint name="o:count" operator="o:lteq" rightOperand="5"/>
    <!-- The action is permitted as long as a duty is fufilled -->
      <!-- The duty action is to make a payment -->
      <o:action name="o:pay"/>
      <!-- The duty entails paying a printing fee -->
      <o:asset uid="ns:printingFee" relation=""/>
      <!-- The duty is constrained: the action can only occur during the time period whilst the policy is being exercised. -->
      <o:constraint name="o:event" operator="o:lt" rightOperand="o:policyUsage"/>
      <!-- The duty is constrained: the duty must be performed exactly once -->
      <o:constraint name="o:count" operator="o:eq" rightOperand="1"/>
      <!-- The "pay" duty must specify the payeeParty, i.e. who gets paid? -->
      <o:party function="o:payeeParty" uid=""/>
  <!-- The prohibition: don't print more than 10 copies altogether -->
    <o:asset uid="ns:myContentAsset" relation=""/>
    <o:action name="o:print"/>
    <o:constraint name="o:count" operator="o:gt" rightOperand="10"/>
Rights ML