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In 2020 Texas-based CLink launched "an interoperable infrastructure for asserting attributions and rights, processing licenses, disseminating content, and handling attributions for online content". The distributed system is built on [[Digital Object Architecture (DOA)]] and utilizes the entity model and framework of the [[Linked Content Coaltion]].

Their mission is to create 'an open federated infrastructure to facilitate legitimate commerce for online content including commerce in ownership to to usage rights and digital objects'

They have a WordPress plugin, and are a member of the [[Content Authenticity Initative]] and [[C2PA]]. They use [[ISCC]] for identifiers, with a focus on text/imageds.

GFTW project - Monetization for authenticated content & rightsholders

  • appealing to NFTs
  • uses [[ISCC]]
  • uses [[ISNI]] for identifying creators
  • bonds a statement from an ISNI verified actor to an asset on a ledger

WordPress component

"the client component of a distributed system which first time integrates rights data; registry of persistent identifiers with metadata; peer-to-peer content licensing and delivery into a Content Management System, for personal use, on a non-business-related website."

It's available uner GPL2.

A [[Digital Object Architecture (DOA)]] registry built on [[CORDRA]](Content Object Repository Discovery and Resolution Architecture). Uses schemas are based on the Entity Model of the Linked Content Coalition validated over wide range of registries such as DOI, DDEX, EIDR, and ONIX.

The WordPress plugin provides one registration per day to the registry so can easily provide a path/url for the original file.

Worked example:

Has a metadata architect - Godfrey Rust.

Registratio provides a content link in the footer of a WordPress post to allow licensed shares.

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CLink Media