Sustainable filmmaking initatives

There's a number of initatives and orgs trying to resolve filmmaking's large energy, CO2 and resource footprints.

  • Project Albert, UK. Industry funded sustainability intiative, with extensive resources, training, and 'Sustainable Production Certification (1/2/3 star)'.
  • Filmmakers for the the Future:. Campaigning, events and some resources.
  • Grüner Drehpass, Germany. Green Shooting Initiative of the Hamburg Film Fund .
  • Green Film, Italy. Rating system for sustainable film production.
  • Green Shoting, Germany. Green Shooting Initiative of the Baden-Württemberg Film Fund.
  • Creative Industries Pact for Sustainability, Pact to drive collective progress toward climate action in the creative industries.
  • Adgreen, UK. 'supports the advertising industry’s transition to environmentally sustainable production methods'.
  • Green Film Tools, Germany. Knowledge database and workshops on environmentally friendly production techniques.
  • EcoProd
Sustainable filmmaking initatives