PAS 2060


"PAS2060 is a BSI specification detailing how to demonstrate carbon neutrality.

The carbon footprint measurements should include 100% of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, plus all Scope 3 emissions ([[Scope 1, 2 & 3]]) that contribute more than 1% of the total footprint.

The entity must develop a Carbon Management Plan which contains a public commitment to carbon neutrality and outlines the following major aspects of the reduction strategy: a time scale, specific targets for reductions, the planned means of achieving reductions and how residual emissions will be offset.

PAS 2060 requires that the total amount of carbon emissions at the end of a reduction period be offset by high-quality, certified carbon credits which meet the following criteria:

  • From one of the PAS 2060 approved schemes, for example
  • Genuinely additional (i.e. reductions that would not have happened anyway)
  • Verified by an independent third party to ensure that emission reductions are permanent, avoid leakage (so that emissions are not increased in another area as a result of the project reductions) and are not double counted
  • Retired after a maximum of 12 months to a credible registry."
PAS 2060